Introduction: Hello Dear Salim Shadman is Here Today I Have Bring A ROM Which can Be Change Status Bar into Three Table Phablet Mobile.The Rom is Developed by  b16h22 The Orginal Source of  Here This Rom Can Bring ICS Experiance at This.This Does Not Requried Any CM Kernal.So Lets Se The Features And Screenshot

  • New Evo Preferences
  • Change Statusbar Layout between Normal/Pseudo-Phablet/Pseudo-Tablet view
  • Set any color and Transparency for Statusbar
  • Set any color and transparency for notification Pulldown background
  • Show/Hide battery in Pulldown
  • Three panels in Phablet view including notification, Quicksettings,Slider Controls
  • Two panel view  in Normal and Tablet layout
  • AOKP Look-Alike 6 toggles with show/hide option
  • Hide/Show, color clocks in both expanded and statusbar
  • Show/hide day of week in expanded
  • Change color of quicksettings toggles
  • Change color of quicksettings text 
  • Set user display picture and name
  • Hide/show 15 toggles
  • Show/hide slider controls
  • New messaging app
  • New contacts app
  • New calendar app
  • New myfiles app
  • Better phone.apk
  • Better dialer
  • New music player
  • Holo launcher
  • Better settings app
  • Better Gmail app
  1. Jake Wharton- ActionBarSherlock
  2. Sergey Margaritov- ColorPicker Preference
  3. - Android Switch backport
  6. Google
  7. Open source community
  8. serajr
  9. percy_g2
  10. deadly
  11. xicor yagami
  12. dcsms
  13. irfanbagus
  14. Doky73
  15. savie
  16. evanlocked
  17. buddyisdead
  18. zcop
  19. Romanbb
  20. pawitp
  21. CoD.<D.J.>
  22. hansip87
  23. kurotsugi
  24. Brut.all
  25. pratyush.creed
  26. shaaan
  27. skin1980
  28. dsixda
  29. lidroid

1.)Press Home Button Power Button Volume up together
2.)Then Red Letter Comeout Now Touch Screen is Not Work So You Need Scroll by Volume Up and Volume Down for Select Home Button
3.)Now Scroll Down in Apply update from SD Card Press Home Select CWM
4.)Now Select Wipe Cache
5.)Now Go to Mount and Strorage
6.)Select Mount Data and Mount SD Card
7.)Go to Advanced Wipe Dalik Key
8.)Go to Install Zip From SD card.
9.)Choose Zip form SDCard
10.Find the Evo And Press Home And Confirm Yes
11.)After Finish Use Back Button
12.)Select Reboot System

Final Word:The Rom is Bug less If Have To fix Something Just Contact to me and I will Said to The Devs of This Rom


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